Thursday, August 3, 2017

Break up

So I break up with new boyfriend . It's to bad I thought he was the one . He continues to do awful things to me . Very awful but blames me . He's an addict I won't put up with his crap and he is never there for me . But he told me he was fine and I'm unstable . This in turn makes me so angry I don't even know what to do with my anger . Have you ever been that mad ? Who abuses someone in such away ? I been there for him this whole time . He just treats me like a door mat to have or do whatever or when ever he wants . My feelings never mattered . Plus he promised to get sober last night he said he never in his life will . I have a little girl . Why or how did I believe in someone who is so evil to me . Who lied and wasted my time ? It's my fault I should've left and stayed gone when I knew he was an addict . They can't even comprehend a healthy relationship and could never meet my needs . He treats his own daughter this way why wouldn't he me . Makes sense right ? He does not protect our relationship or keep my heart safe . Funny he wants me to trust him . How could I trust someone like that ? At all ? He does not care . He never ask how I'm doing or how I'm feeling ever .

His life is work , gym , video games and drugs and drinking . Very grown up . He can't even give me a whole day of his time he needs video games and alcohol and drugs .

He called me un stable ? I'm very sad with myself that I let this sick person hurt me in such a bad way or that I actually believed in his promises when all he did was manipulate me to get what he wanted with out changing any thing .

He's the same person that I met 4 months ago as last night blaming me for his problems
Thank God it's over

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