Monday, July 10, 2017

Last Dance

I'm not sure he really knows I exist either . He ask why I think he dosent love me , but he isn't there for me when I need him . I don't think he thinks I'm pretty or wants me because he never says so , he won't check this because my writing isn't something that's important to him . He won't share his past when we're together he barely talks , I wonder why he is with me . He says he loves me but what to him is love ? He has all the right words to make me stay , but no actions except at night when we cuddle that's the only time he is really nice . Most of the time I'm sad not happy . What am I holding on to any way ? He dosent understand what's wrong ? I feel like I'm alone . He lives with his ex girlfriend , this I hate every day , if I moved in with an ex he would freak out and go away . I don't get what I need I know this , I don't know what to do . I love him but I'm not happy most of the time but being with out him would be sad to

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