Sunday, December 4, 2016

The News

Depeche Mode this week has become some sort of an obsession as well as the quote, "Don't beg anyone to love you." This is true . Why should I ?  Even if he is my one true love, I need to be his. I need to focus on finding a new job. I am here upset I feel betrayed by some of my good friends , maybe his hands were tied but he should have fired that asshole who threatened me at work. He was a piece of shit a real crazy asshole. I am turning in the cover to my new book I need to focus on getting this done and published. Things were going so well and then bamb ! The breaks go out in my car, and I was sick in the hospital and here I am at square one. Its ok Ill bounce back. I need a new car and apparently some new friends.

I have a few great ones thats pretty great too. Fuck you if you have been aweful. My love of my life I think I secretly gave til this December to come back , but there has been nothing.. How has fate lied to me. I feel him every day. I been alone every day and I am beginning to feel alone.  I deserve to be swept off my feet the only thing guys want is sex. Can I get dinner please?

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