Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What A disaster

It was Valentines night a few years back , I had a horrible date who was drunk when I arrived at his house for our date. I rushed to get off work early , got ready and there he was wasted. A long time child hood friend. They all smoked pot that night , I was so upset about my valentines I smoked too. This wasnt something I usually did or ever for that matter. I took one hit and went into convulsions yes seizures. and my date was passed out i was left alone with a room full of strangers scared and mad. I went to my dates room and laid down, I could not drive home and who could I call on Valentines to pick me up? I laid there, my heart pounded, I called my mom afraid and I just laid there. I stayed up all night looking at my loves instagram the one I had not heard from I was so afraid I would like one of his post being that I was all fucked up, I closed the app. I began to cry. I was up all night. In the morning my date woke up left the room saying nothing and never returned. What a total dick right? I snuck out left. I never heard from him again.

I didnt care because I was still in love with "him". I was dating to forget, It got me no where. Did I tell you what happened in Oregon ? I should write a book on bad dating experiences. I had a friend I talked to over a year , just friends. He offered to fly me out to Oregon for a weekend because I was having a bad week, Ill explain that later, He was handsome and rich and nice, he seemed........

I flew there. Ha! I arrived he told me I was there to have fun , after 2 days of being treated like crap , we went beautiful places but he was drunk and high he whole time, the last night he dropped me off at a ghetto hotel to find my way to the air port myself.  He didnt want his kids to see me....... Nice right ?

I get there , alone in a different state, Im sitting there in pretty pajamas , and I hear water falling, I look in the bathroom the ceiling caved in !!!! I had to run out in lingere with black mascare tears running down my face to get help.


I decided to take along time off dating. The reason I went up there was because of my birthday , did I mention it was my birthday? I was supposed to be at Disneyland with a guy who hit on my friend.

So..... I took months off dating. Why was getting these guys. I didnt want anything serious maybe that is why
I still loved my guy > He was no where to be found.

So 3 months goes by I begin talking to this guy in Oceanside he is pretty good looking , we go out and have good connection, then disappears.

Then my love comes back !

Finally. But then he left 3 months later , So here I am 1 year and 6 months later single. No dates thank you
do you blame me.

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