Thursday, June 16, 2016

Letter to Him . First Love

The steps are colored each different as they climb there way up the book store in pastel magic , inviting her visitors to sit for just a moment and breathe in the salt in the cool ocean air that slips quietly like a black and white movie through wood shuttered doors . 

I imagine you in that moment . In most moments like these . I think back to my child hood and check the boxes to this pause in time where nothing added up but you did . 

You fit in every corner of who I was . I think was it imagined ? And I race to check the boxes again , to realize even more how perfectly you fit in my shadow 

I didn't know what soul mate meant or love until I saw you , until you loved me 
Mostly the way I loved you too . 

You made me super in an ordinary world 
I think about slow dancing with you in the sunset , and I don't even like slow dancing but I would love to dance with you 

I live now in this dream of you , I can't let go because I feel you feel me too . 

I wait for this letter to be someday returned answered . But as for now I sit and think of you in those moments 

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