Saturday, March 5, 2016

Hard knock life

Well - I was wrong about the email . I wrote if you don't love me don't write back and he did . But he said the last time we talked he figured it best . 

So makes nothing better . Work is up and down its work . I love the Vice President and my area manager there the best . Some people I work with are assholes but that is life . 
I'm single and I'm tired of guys wanting one thing . For all you guys who just want one thing from a girl and don't want to date them it sucks . Like I'm not good enough to date ? But sleep with ? Low blow . 

Kind of start to feel alone . My book is finally almost finished . Thanks to my audience and friends I've been pushing this forward . I've been inspired by my book , and I'm excited . 
I don't even know what to write about I'm so bored , I work way to much it's killing my personality . 

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