Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Truth about men

The quiet things that know one ever knows - Brand New .

I successfully had a relationship with an alcoholic for the past 4 months . Yes I hear you ( standing ovation ) thank you . Diaries of a mad single woman . You meet a guy , don't get me wrong sweet heart , nice guy .... But oh yeah 9 years sober and broke it 2 months into our relationship and - oh - he is still drinking 2 months later -

I'm not one for co dependency , he wants me too , but I had to close that door and walk away . There's a difference between people fighting to get better or fighting to get another beer - and I can't handle another kid -

So here we are February 2nd still single and white knuckling less mistakes . I've also learned that everything happens for a reason and I regret nothing .

Now for other news my love , my true love I wrote and asked if he ever loved me . He wrote me back and said he figured it best we didn't talk -

Didn't answer the question , so to me that is my answer - but I don't believe him . But right now that doesn't matter - I just wanted to know that the one man I ever loved in my life , loved me back .

I don't want to die not knowing .

So here I am now -yes I have sexy handsome men calling , successful men , but who cares really , and most guys don't believe me when I say that .

But one thing my alcoholic boyfriend taught me was that cuddling and being loving is much better with one than 5 trying to get in your pants .

So here we are this single girl back at square one .

- Amy Everett

You heard it here first

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