Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Love letters

Hello my loves it's been a while ! Time for some catching up ! So work picked up I finally got my sleeve and crushed some goals . My love I have not heard from since July . It's hard for me still to move on I feel like I can feel him and hear him . Sounds crazy I know but for you look up twin flames I believe he is mine . 

100% with out doubt . My friend told me I can't wait forever and I realise I can't . How do I love someone else ? 

Just me putting this out there in the universe is causing a wall between me and something new , I know this . 

I been dating someone new for few weeks . He does not posses what my twin flame possess so far . Who could ? 
Can anyone ? 

Maybe if my twin never comes back someone could love me in his place but not take his place ? 

This journey is hard . I don't have any answers . All I have is a secret blog with a few readers and no answers . 

Tell me what would you do 

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