Sunday, March 22, 2015

Soul mate

I remember the crowd that day , it was freezing outside in Dallas . My first visit to the big state . I was scared to go alone to such a huge event . My employer sent me and it wasn't to shabby . 5 star hotel . I remember like it was yesterday . I , one of the only girls sat amoungst so many men . Music played loudly and fancy cars parked all around . Some of the trainers began to speak as I looked up I saw you . I didn't just see you , I saw you transparently . This has never been an experience I had before so I was not sure what was going on inside my head and heart ?

I had never even met you before , but I saw your child hood , I saw your fears , your anger , your everything . Has anyone else felt this before with someone ? No one believes me when I tell them this story but I swear it's true . I knew he was to be mine , I felt it .

- love at first sight -

I got to know you , everything I thought I knew I did . It was real . We were magnets drawn from two different worlds , put together in an instant . We found each other .

I can say I " thought " I loved before this moment . But after this moment passed I knew I had not ever loved with my heart and soul .

- soul mates -

We are not together and this has been a tragedy .
But ... Will I find this again ? Can I having this in my heart .

I saw you 6 months ago . Like it was yesterday .
I will love you for the very rest of my life

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Stop watch

Good morning blog , we have so many ups and downs on this little secret walk we go on from time to time . I have news to report I deleted him from my Instagram . I know big deal right ? But it is because that's how we communicated . Well one of the ways . Letting go . I've met a few new people ,  nothing come of it yet . It's funny everyone is different but I look for someone to love me like he did , I suppose I'll be single forever . Who knows . I'm growing I think slowly