Monday, February 16, 2015

Post V Day

The day is warm and I just bought a red bull . I'm sitting in my car trying to find some sanity on my lunch break ...

It's busy today at work , so busy and I can't figure anything out in my head . I met a Christian guy I knew from high school . Everything was great until valentines . It was terrible . Now he won't talk to me ? Does everyone leave ? Is it me ????

Friday, February 13, 2015


Hello everyone . Are you ready for Valentines ? Do you have someone special to give a candy heart quote too ? This month is 1 year ago today I met him . He emailed a few days ago but it said nothing . In my heart I decided to move on . But the weird part is my heart decided to move on . I know he will never come back ....

Then something strange happened . A good friend came back into my life from my past . I grew up with him and I was pretty close to his family . At first I was excited just to catch up , but we hit it off and really like each other . He also loves God .

I'm pretty excited to see where it goes , then again I can't get to excited yet .
But he's pretty great ...

Work is not great , I know I don't belong their so I pray I find a home .
Thank you God for answering some prayers .
I also can't wait for my tax return and go with the kids to a small vacation . As a single mom we have never afforded one . It's sad . We never even went to Disney . A vacation is much needed . Hopefully this month is great .

It's a hello and a good bye . Cheers to the 14th floor and starting over

Monday, February 2, 2015


The email came , it had words but they were blank .
She has to let go