Sunday, October 26, 2014


The dealership was quiet today . I worked with with all my favorites on my last day ( sarcasm ) not sure if this made it easier or harder . Either way I cried on my way home . My GM came in to say good by this morning , I really liked him as a person . Today was busy and it kept my mind at ease . Until it was 5 minutes til closing and tears begin to well up , I told myself not now , not here . 

I sent my farewell email , warned the new girl of the goods and the bads and went on my way .... 

Funny my arms were light , heart heavy , but felt I was forgetting something . I got my goodbyes from everyone , except one 

Now back to him ... I had a feeling a hunch an instinct he was here . But maybe I was wrong . I don't know . I'll never know . But if you read this , know I love you and I hope you are well . 

It's you that gets me through my days and taught me to be stronger . 

Thankyou . 

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