Friday, October 31, 2014

New Journey

Started my new job . Not at all what I thought it was going to be . I sat in training learning about how to sell furniture , and I felt like a snob coming from Audi . Not that it was a glamour job or that I thought I was better than any one else , I just didn't belong here . I knew it in training . What made it worse is every day I hear about what a snake I am because I sold cars . I didn't sell Hondas I sold Audi 's ... Integrity in selling cars was very important . Not to mention I have strong integrity so hearing this really gets under my skin . 

I met the owner of my new company , first thing he said to me was ," Amy from Audi ? Everyone's talking about you ." 

I been here a week , the owner knows me by name ? 
That's " me " for you . For now this job is better paying . And I'm able to get my goals done here so I will make it work , but in my heart I know I'm meant for more . This is a stepping stone . 

I have a 4 week goal to finish my weight loss or be close . I'm determined to make it . I never heard from " him ". I think about him every day every moment . But I'm moving past it , well some how in the way that all my hope is gone now . It's been so long . It's funny , the moment I saw him I knew we would be together . I had faith in it . But I'm wrong .... I can't believe it , how could I be so wrong . I'll still hold on to it forever probably . 

I'm fine being single , I have goals to get done . No boyfriend in 4 years has been good for me . 

This is where I'm at , by January every goal shall be fo filled . Then I suppose I'll set new ones . 
Tomorrow is a new day , and hope is what I hold on to.

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