Thursday, August 21, 2014


I can write on this blog because it's sort of become a sanctuary . A graveyard of a diary. No one really knows exist . Except for you the one or two readers who may stumble upon this very old blog as I sit in bed writing . So tell me audience . In an honest effort , what is a girl to do ? Have you ever lost a one true love ?  I'm trying to sweep it under the rug , I'm not a sap I'm not . I'm not a relational girl either . I'm fine you know . But then there's my heart , under the weight of the day , that's not fine . But I have no control of the lost , so I have to move on , so what to do ? I'll write on my secret blog to a secret audience who can't help me ? Sure you think to yourself ( she will be fine ) . Maybe I will . Maybe I won't . I don't know . What I do know is I haven't a choice in the matter . So I'll focus on excersising , working , God and my kids .

And filling my days with adventure and maybe I'll write about that !

Cheers to love & war ....

And all that bull shit for now :(

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