Friday, August 29, 2014


It's Friday night , I'm home sick . Left movies with friends not feeling well . Last few days have been rough , missing him .  It's funny , somedays I have great days because I imagine him still here . It brings joy back , you know the kind when you know your best friend is there waiting for you . Then I have those days where I realize he is gone forever . I cry my eyes out alone in my bed . Not one tear can bring him back . I think I write this blog now , because this is what true love feels like . It's been a month since we parted for good .

He was so handsome , big blue eyes , muscular build , brownish blonde hair . He looked like a dream, and he looked right into my soul . I try to date , I do , but no one is him . I can't do it , not yet .

He's my shadow that keeps me going when I no longer can run the race . I am lucky to have known him , even though he couldn't stay . It's alright to be broken for him , I've never been broken before .

He is my hero . I will love him for rest of my life .

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