Monday, July 21, 2014


So I'm gonna write here , I'm gonna meet tomorrow with great uncertainty . You know taking a risk for someone when there not exactly making you feel great about taking it . I'm starting to second guess it , when before I never did . So what do I do ? Do I stay home ? Do I go and live with a huge hole of regret forever. ? My expectations ? Are to feel every ounce of everything I felt the first time I met you . Just like I did the day you left me and every day since . My expectations are my hope you feel the same . What happens after that ? I hAve no expectations because that is out of my control . It's in yours . You can't disappoint me or upset me unless you lie or hurt me on purpose .

This is just me out on the line . I've never been on the line before ever . People say I'm stupid and gullable if that's so that's fine . You learn from that too . I'm sure he will never read this . This is just my heart and something that is just never shared. .

So tomorrow I'll know the truth about his heart . And that's the only expectation I have . So good luck to me

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