Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Is there truth in the eyes of a man?
I taste the stale air
As I have this conversation with God

I find romantic gestures

I place my bets
I’m finding me along side of some one I used to be

The darkness lifts her head
I shift a bit
I take her coat
she clears her throat

The aces wear thin
Poker was my favorite game
I was so good

I had all these promises

No one held my fate.

Black eyes
Seductive trace of tears and lace.

I turned my back to no one!
I held all the knives
All along
holding steal metal
In the core
of my own chambered heart
Something I did well enough on my own

Fine tune
Midnight breath

I left her behind
I cheated her death


dustus said...

Your lines create suspense and tells an interesting story through details. Nice poem. Enjoyed reading it.

Glynn said...

There's a natural rhythm to this -- almost like the lyrics to a song.

Brian Miller said...

but for how long can you cheat her before the cards turn up flat? like the pairing of stale air witht he intial question....

Melissa Campbell said...

Your poem makes life seem like a game that can only be won by keeping your cards close to yourself. Your words make loneliness seem so real. I wonder what would happen if the cards were thrown down for all to see. I would love to read you write about it. Thanks for sharing. :)

Shashi said...

You took me on a very interesting roller coaster ride across the day and night, across life and games people play... I liked it so much. Your use of different lines for changing feelings was good.

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Om Namah Shivaya
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Eric Alder said...

Interesting idea, finding yourself beside someone you used to be. Very self-reflective. (I was glad to see Death cheated!)

Nice One Shot, Amy!

tolbert said...

i really like the cutting edge you develop in this poem...and the concept of finding yourself beside someone you used to be is a feeling i know all too well but to see it in words was eerie.Good work on this!

Pete Marshall said...

this was an enjoyable read of ups and downs...a great story told...thanks for sharing pete

Steve said...

Intriguing back-&-forths, not as random as they first seem. Good work.

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Jingle said...

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