Thursday, February 19, 2009

Morning Coffee-Amy Everett2-19-09

Fasting on matters of the heart
Starving for your call
The phone rings


I stand here talking to the grapefruit
Wondering if everything will be alright
And I wonder if I will find your kiss tonight
He thinks I love him
I love you instead
If he read this
He might understand
But he won't
Because he already knows
So I lie here all dressed up
And not a word was said
You drank your coffee today
In Silence.

So where have you gone.
What is it you dream of
You call when she goes out
You listen
For what?
Unrequitted love
Is always what this story is about.

So unmarked faces sit at the bar
And you send a smile just for me
I wonder is it empty
As we meet the next morning for tea.


Jingle said...

love the smell of your words.
talented poetry.

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