Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Years!

Well a toast to the New Year ! I want to thank all my friends for helping me get through this year. It was by far the worst year of my life. But it is now a new year and I turned thirty so a great time to start over. No ass holes this coming year , no letting my self down, well... I will try not to.. I want to thank Michael also for really stepping in and caring and loving me like no one ever has before. Cheers to my new job I start on the 5Th of January. Need a loan, want to save your house ? Or sell it.. well now you can call me. I now work for Diamond Consulting Group in Temecula but we work in all states. They have 50 yr 2% loans, they work to save peoples homes. I am excited! Any ways... I love you all.. Cheers!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


I sit here all alone
You say laughter
But do you remember I see you?
You branded my soul with permanent ink
I lie here thinking of you
Didn't want to say good bye
Didn't want you to think I lied
But I won't,,
I want to be only the angel in your sky's
I want to be the one you trust as I guide you through this life
You say I am the one
Darlin, that's a lie
The past fills you with to much doubt to see
You say my eyes are blinded but sweetheart yours are blinded to me
I can't live under your blankets
I can't be your enemy
I can't sleep with them in your mind
It kills me
It angers me
So much on the line
For you not to believe in me
And you scream
That it isn't so
But darling you are my best friend
And I know…
Maybe you aren't ready for me
Maybe your demons choke
So you can barely breath
I see you on the ground barely breathing
You were meant for more than this
You hide behind your words
Your pen a clever disguise
Masking what's really going on inside
I can't save you
Just wanted to love you
Can't hide from me
Remember I see through the disguise
Phantom of the Opera tonight
So my love
Believe you are worth more than the grain of salt
They made you believe in
I sit here alone yes...
Loving you yes…
But I wasn't the one who choked you..You died by your very own hands…
Amy Everett-12-14-08