Friday, October 17, 2008

Pride and Armor... only way to escape..

a little
from yesterday

stitched together by memory
and broken promises
living in between the lines of your words and lies
thought you were going to protect me
It was the promise you screamed at me

So where does it all go
another day of gloom
sold you my armor
sold you a perfect heart
you said it was your treasure
but it's the heart you never went to find
the one you pushed down to the ground

I smell the rain
I love Christmas days
can't wait for the rain
Dreaming of new days
nightmares of the hope that let me down...

Can't get over the tragedy
it burns a fire inside of me
kills me that you forget
all of me
that sat with you and cried
while you cried
Never thought you were evil
just thought you were broken
maybe just a little
thought maybe you would fix it for you

For me
Your creature of saving grace
the creature who held you dear
beauty lies here with me..

You set it free
for the wolves
That is what kills me
I harness my worth give it a smile
Because I am worth you being found
to me

So I go on

I write the obituary
to the man I knew
to the man I never knew
smile through tears
so no one can see
not even you...
Find your home here
left in these lines .. bruised

I can't ever love again

stitched into your picture frame
etched into my soul
You have an alliance tragedy under your belt
demons guard your side
but there is nothing I can do
I told you so....
I am broken I admit
you tore me up and spit me out

lying here on the ground
in my armor
waiting to be found....

Written By--Amy Everett

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