Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Card Games

Pick a card any card he says..
and I hold on to my aces..
and he says hold on to your heart and i say ,
how do you do it boys?
and I tip my hat and learn to play the game..
and he knows..
Dancing and swimming all alone..
behind those castle walls nothing a good game of cards can't heal..
to hide behind fast cars..
I run in my heels..
bubble gum lip gloss and safety pins
you know it girls
to hide behind blankets and shallow kisses ..
to throw it all back
to remember their hands aren't his..
but they have the safety nets,
maybe my pillow isn't his
but the tears that come are different now... so girl...
Pick a card..
They'll remember your number..
don't run back to the storm..
ask the boys how they do it..
how they hold the seven of hearts..
they assure me it will be alright ..
Ames it will be alright..
written-Amy Everett

This one is about my best friends Rueben, Chris and Walt and Uly we get together and drink and play Poker you know boys stuff smoke expensive cigars .. these boys I love em but they are ladies men if you know what I mean... and I am always with one person.. I believe in soul mates and love and I am always telling them this and they laugh... And every time I break up with a boyfriend Im sleeping on their couches sad and they are carousing with many woman telling me songle is the way , sleeping around is the way . holding your heart is the way... After being screwed over so much I was thinking maybe they are right... but I am not that girl.. but I hide behind there life.. there expensive cars, fancy bars , and poker games... but really I lay on the couch alone missing him... so that is what this poem is about... Card Games... I do love my boys and I love them for dragging me out of the house we do have alot of fun together...

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dbarber59 said...

Very nice poem. I've been to Vegas and thought about the all the folks playing cards and betting their lives on them.
An interesting place.

Dave Barber