Saturday, September 27, 2008

My thoughts on Decay

Decay , I love her because it is really a conversation between myself about this guy who never gave me his heart and he leaves me like no big deal after putting me through all this turmoil and making huge promises.. and he just walks away.. I love this poem because it was one of the most important conversations Iv'e ever had with me.. It was hard leaving this man because I have been with alot of men but he was the first person I really gave my heart to, the first man I gave my trust to, I gave him everything. And as a rape victim to give a man that power that was hard for me. But I was proud of myself that I had done it finally... But this guy was to selfish to go fix his own problems , so he just left.. Isn't that sad.. I know I deserve better than that.. But it was hard ... because ideally he was my first of everything.. because I let him in.. and he was my biggest dissapointment.. can you imagine that? So this poem she is a great friend to me too..

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