Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Dance with Satan

dance with me darling ,
what a handsome smile,
never knew you were Satan ,
never knew he had angel wings and a fast car and silk sheets,
alligator teeth, satin words, simple promises melt like chocolate liqueur and
the way we lied naked ,
I would come to you in the middle of the night only wearing panties and you gave me the keys to your house and your car and your children's heart...
but you my friend were the thief in the night all along...
trembling ,
I stood in your shower ,
in your arms,
thought I was safe,
even have your name tattooed on my arm,
and you say forever ,
and you leave me ,
No reason !
And I loved the dance ,
I danced with Satan,
I drive now alone,
I still feel you,
I still taste you...
wondering what went wrong,
a year wasted ...
used , bruised ...
I am ashamed , that I still watch for you driving down the street ,
that I even miss such a murder scene ...
And I wonder,
as I look in the mirror,
and I stand here alone in my black lace panties ...
left for someone else to love...
but all I wanted was you...
Fuck You...
written Amy Everett 9-24-08

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Poets United said...

This is an extremely powerful piece. I can understand where you are coming from myslef having been ex military and divorced. You express the feelings of this so well even if it was not your exact intent. Thank you for sharing this.