Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Freedom comes from the one who left..
and I beckon the audience who stands before me,
and I am standing here in the deepest ocean ,
can you see me ?
I will never drown,
I am the power you tried to sustain,
and I...
turn my back on you as you call my name ,
and I ask my audience can they keep up with me?
who will be my next intention?
for I am a virgin to love,
a whore to life ,
come share my leather secrets,
can you get past my disguise ?
I dare you to try !
Shattered glass might scar you left from broken hearts
but I can mend you ,
If you can stand with me in my ocean
if you can catch me
if you can keep me
blood and bone
and don't forget sweat
swallow me
do you see me ?
As I stand here bare...
My audience...
written -Amy Everett

This poem is about mending and trying to find my power.. I like her strength this poem brings..

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Poets United said...

I enjoyed reading this poem. It captures the tortured soul of a poet quite well. You admit to manipulating your readers and thats truly what a poet does.